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Mitigate risks with immediate access 

Give stakeholders centralized access to their cases' essential documents, information, and status. Manage each dispute more effectively. Access to case information is always available, including tracking of disclosure, evidence, depositions, and task and invoicing management.

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Processes on schedule
and within budget

Determine the precise resources, the time and effort needed, and the cost based on information and knowledge gathered from prior cases.

Start resolving disputes smarter

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Case Management

Utilize automated features that take care of numerous tedious processes to reduce non-billable administrative work so that attorneys may focus more on activities that generate fees.


Collaborate on Cases

Manage your documents, due dates, timetables, tasks, and budgets easily.

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Monitor Case Progress

Easily manage and collaborate on documents, deadlines, timelines, jobs, and funding while having a real-time sight of progress at every step of a dispute or litigation.


Legal Hold Processed

Preserve relevant information when it learns of impending litigation or investigation

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Win cases by being proactive on disputes

  • Agenda notifications, actions, and operational management alerts

  • Take note of crucial email correspondence automatically

  • Liaising with legal firms is seamless

  • Use of e-billing and budgeting for legal services

  • Evaluations of risks and plans

  • Communicating with counterparties, stakeholders, and service providers

  • Comprehensive reporting

Office Meeting

Consult with our Legal Experts

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