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We remove legal and operation admin work

Matter Management

Our Mission

We all struggle through a series of corporate functions that turn out to be more complicated, more time-consuming - and often more expensive - than necessary. Although many of these functions are repetitive, we find ourselves recreating the wheel every cycle. Existing support tools are limited and siloed.

Our Purpose

We believe corporate functions can be streamlined and connected in a single platform that saves both time and money. By centralizing data, enabling real-time collaboration and managing processes, Traact enhances operational efficiency so you can focus on building your business. 

Entity Management

Our Story

Our founding team came from Google, Uber, Amazon, SAP, and various startups. We learned in those entities projects were constantly being delayed by lean staffing and risk exposure from legal and ops.  


Given 60% of legal and ops work revolves around  context gathering, lack of visibility on the matter further strained their true super powers. It didn't help point SaaS solutions that claimed to solve the issues further fragmented the team and required multiple touch points.


This is why we decided to introduce a legal service platform centered around transparency and automation.


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