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Automate legal compliance and governance for any business

Take entity management and compliance to the next level, irrespective of company size. Improve efficiency and decision-making by keeping the data you need to run your business in one place - updated and accessible to relevant stakeholders.

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Legal Operations Platform

All of your corporate functions in one place


Entity management, registered agent & annual filings, board meetings, permits & licensing, disputes & litigation, contract management, E-Signatures - all managed through a single platform.


01. Enable Collaboration

Keep all of your relevant management data in a single workspace. One click enables collaboration and data consistency between executives, lawyers, accountants, board members and investors.

02. Streamline Compliance

Maintain visibility over different entities, subsidiaries and branches. Stay ahead of compliance requirements with overviews and notifications. Keep compliance documents loaded and ready to go or just let us automate corporate annual filing and registered agent service in any state or jurisdiction you want to operate.

03. Access Real-Time Analytics

Track organizational structure, entity history, cap-table information, financial information, officer history, lawsuits - all in just seconds.

04. Make it Official

E-signatures embedded to validate your contracts and entity-related documents efficiently and legally.

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Entity Management
Board Management
License & Permits
Dispute & Litigation
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Always on track

Streamline entity management, meet regulatory deadlines, centralize
management information so you can get the right information to the right
stakeholders at the right time.

Business efficiency at your fingertips.



We all struggle through a series of corporate functions that turn out to be more complicated, more time-consuming - and often more expensive - than necessary. Although many of these functions are repetitive, we find ourselves recreating the wheel every cycle. Existing support tools are limited and siloed.


We believe corporate functions can be streamlined and connected in a single platform that saves both time and money. By centralizing data, enabling real-time collaboration and managing processes, Traact enhances operational efficiency so you can focus on building your business. 


We employ 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication to make sure your data is secure and only visible to those whom you designate. 

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Richard Heiman

General Counsel

Every business should be using this to maintain their compliance, just made it that simple.


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