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Take back 6 hours per week by removing repetitive administrative work 

Automate your legal, compliance, and operations with Traact

How many spreadsheets, documents, and point solution SaaS tools are you juggling through a day?

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Are you Traact-king-it?

All-in-one solution for legal operators

Improve efficiency and strategic decision-making by keeping the legal data you need to run your business in one place - updated and accessible to relevant stakeholders.

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Stakeholder alignment

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Resource management

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IPO, M&A, Diligence prep


Get a free entity compliance check today!

Why Traact?

We handle the admin work while you think strategy

Board Meeting

Easy setup

Onboard in just 72 hours,

No data entry period.

Let us handle the data entry. Our commitment is zero friction on switch cost on all your legal and operations needs. All the information will be migrated from your spreadsheets and legacy SaaS solutions by the time you are turned on.

Smart resourcing

With Traact, you can rest assured your resources are spent wisely on legal and operation matters.

Performance-based outsource budgeting and visibility

Dynamic resources allocation for internal and outsourcing resources

Safe Working Environment
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Streamline compliance

Keep your compliance notification on. No more document or information fetching, or manual calendar reminders.

Registered Agent

Permit & license renewal

Compliance audit

Annual reports and tax filings

Still context switching?

Get everything centralized

Entities, board, disputes, permit & licenses, contracts, procurement, knowledge management - all in just seconds.

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The latest from Traact

Our Customers

Why companies like Traact?

"Traact is an extra employee you don't need to hire"

You shouldn't be waiting to utilize their platform.

One platform did it all saving us the hassle and cost of using 3 SaaS and multiple spreadsheets we used to manage.

Dennis Truman
Counsel at JB Capital

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