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One platform, six modules, pick and customize for your team

One click enables collaboration and legal data consistency between executives, lawyers, accountants, board members, outsourced firms, and investors.

Capture, share, and use an organization's knowledge assets to improve decision-making, efficiency, innovation, collaboration, competitiveness, knowledge retention, and compliance.

Identifying the licenses held, monitoring their usage, and managing the procurement and renewal of permits to maximize the value of software investments.

Are you a law firm managing over 10,000 entities or an in-house legal department with less than 25 manually? We can automate, and provide registered agent service and filings (initial, annual, BOC-3) for all your entities and qualifications while tracking your international entities.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tracks and manages every aspect of a contract for its performance, compliance, and other success factors through every stage of the document's lifecycle — from execution to renewal or expiration.

From small claims to civil cases, our dispute & litigation module helps you boost productivity, collaborate seamlessly with external counsel, & share insights. Get instant, secure & centralized access to critical files & details surrounding a case. Traact provides visibility to insurance coverage.

The board management feature helps with all aspects of corporate board management and governance. From scheduling meetings to sharing documents and minutes, board management software is designed to streamline processes, prevent oversights and ensure best practices are followed.

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