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Obtain and track permits and licenses with ease

With Traact to handle your Permits and Licenses, you may reap the benefits of centralization and automation once you remove compliance chores from spreadsheets and emails.

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Keep your licenses from falling through the cracks

Bring all your compliance processes together on one screen, so you have high-level monitoring to ensure that crucial obligations aren't missed. Gather proof of completion for handoffs to regulators and executives by keeping track of licenses and permits from conception to resolution. Reduce the likelihood of receiving regulatory fines for failing to perform regular tasks.

Be proactive on regulatory changes

Let the system start compliance tasks based on defined frequency instead of manually tracking due dates, statuses, and priority levels for individual procedures.

To notify task owners of crucial needs like sign-offs, documentation uploads, and evidence uploads, set up reminders and notifications. Reclaim time that may be better used to further your company's goals than to research regulations and fret about due dates.

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Save time with auto-tracking

Utilize thorough reporting to monitor deadlines and status updates, gather proof of task fulfillment and track departmental progress.


Proactive Compliance

By giving them increased visibility into your organization's wide range of compliance standards, business users will be better able to comprehend their roles.

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Efficient Collaboration

Encourage cross-functional cooperation to perform compliance responsibilities and activities.

Simplify your license tracking

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