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Simplify Knowledge, adopt best practices

Make the organizational knowledge in your company or firm easily discoverable and shared with the appropriate stakeholders, thereby improving business efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

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Be ready for Attrition, New Hires, Client information

Create unique intake and data forms with the ability to install custom reminders, workflows, fields, and reports and provide context-sensitive and conditional data collecting. Ideal for law departments' clients, lawyers, personnel, outsourced service providers, legal operations managers, and a variety of light users throughout the company.

Put your organizational know-hows to work

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Knowledge depository

Instead of using separate tools, you can easily migrate your existing knowledge documents. From emails, data room, and task assignments into a single workflow that fits your organization's current process.


Advanced analytics 

Track your organization's productivity with advanced analytics. It lets you see what your team uses and when they're using it.

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Never lose data or files

Allowing your team to create workflows for creating, storing, and retrieving electronic documentation. This, in turn, enables you to reduce redundancies, avoid conflicts, and protect against data loss.

Power up your knowledge

  • Improved decision-making: Knowledge Management software enables organizations to access and analyze vast amounts of information, resulting in more informed decisions. 

  • Increased collaboration: Knowledge Management systems facilitate collaboration by allowing employees to share knowledge and ideas in real time. 

  • Better knowledge retention: Knowledge Management software helps organizations capture, store and manage knowledge effectively, ensuring that valuable information is not lost.

  • Enhanced productivity: By providing easy access to relevant information, Knowledge Management software can help employees work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Competitive advantage: Organizations that effectively manage their knowledge have a competitive advantage over those that do not.


Still context switching?
Get everything centralized

Entities, board, disputes, permit & licenses, contracts, procurement, knowledge management - all in just seconds.

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