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Making Contract Management Easy

With Traact's user-friendly and adaptable contract management technology, you can increase contracting efficiency by over 25%.

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Increase output while reducing risk

Traact CLM reduces the complexity of clause-level negotiation, enabling expedited agreement and approval.

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Expediate your Contracts

Push contracts through the negotiation process more quickly and efficiently while minimizing misunderstandings and version-control errors.


Ensure Visibility

System transparency ensures stakeholder visibility within and outside of the organization.

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Operationalize your contracts

Contracts can be tied to invoices through procurement, helping expedite third-party agreements.

Strengthen your negotiating position

Reduce the number of transfers between your inbox, desktop, and Microsoft Word by streamlining the negotiation process. Contracts can be edited, redlined, and commented on internally without leaving the dashboard.

Traact enables a fast, smooth, knowledge-based negotiation process putting you in a strong position for a positive outcome.

Signing a Contract

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